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Qausuittuq National Park poster

Qausuittuq National Park

July, 2023

Qausuittuq National Park is a national park located on northwest Bathurst Island in Nunavut. It was established on September 1, 2015, becoming Canada’s 45th national park. This area was chosen to represent the Western High Arctic natural region, one of 39 such regions identified by Parks Canada.

A cluster of islands in a frozen sea, a home for the endangered Peary caribou, a traditional hunting and fishing area that has sustained Inuit of Resolute Bay since the time of their relocation in the 1950’s; Qausuittuq National Park is all of that and more.

The park’s name, pronounced: Kow-soo-ee-took means, “place where the sun doesn’t rise” in Inuktitut, in reference to the fact that the sun stays below the horizon for several months in the winter at this latitude; north of the Northwest Passage.

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