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Killarney Provincial Park poster

Killarney Provincial Park

February, 2011

This iconic 645 square kilometre wilderness landscape showcases the wild Georgian Bay Coast of pink granite; the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite ridges and over 50 exceptionally clear, sapphire lakes set among Jack Pine hills.

The area has long captivated artists including The Group of Seven’s A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael and A.J. Casson, so much so, that they persuaded the Ontario government to make it a park. Pollution caused by the smelting activities associated with nickel mining between the 1940s and the 1970s, caused many of Killarney’s lakes to become acidified, resulting in the loss of fish species, algae and aquatic plant life in many of the lakes.

With the area’s natural environment now on the mend, canoeing over lakes as blue as sapphire; swimming in waters as blue as topaz — all while being surrounded by white quartz mountains, is an experience like no other.

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